The Gresham Bar – Gift Vouchers

The Gresham Bar – Gift Vouchers

Now, down to brass tacks: You are residing in a frozen part of Queensland’s history; a building whose architecture defines an era. Initially designed for the Queensland National Bank in 1881, Mr. Francis Drummond Greville (FDG) completed the three-story brick structure four years later. As one of the most important designs of FDG’s career, no expense was spared in its construction.

Murphy’s Creek sandstone and New Zealand Limestone line the walls; a distinct Palladian influence is evident in the detailing; local cedar constructed the main doors and joinery; and the mantelpiece above the fireplace completes the architectural indulgence with marble sourced directly from the United Kingdom.

Cast your eyes to the gent above the fire place in the front bar. Edward Robert Drury (1832-1896), banker and soldier, was the commander of the Queensland Defence Forces and head of the Queensland National Bank that commissioned and oversaw construction of the building you’re currently in. A true renegade and complete autocrat, he made massive loans and risky acquisitions without consulting his directors or recognising any limits, sometimes even concealing accounts from the board. 1881 saw construction of the jewel in the banks crown; so magnificent were its stained glass and polished cedar that it became known as Drury’s Temple.

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